Reflection Stones

Reflection Stones can express your loved one's gifts, lessons and story. They are a great idea for family members or friends. Reflection stones are available in three granite colors and sizes. Just add the lettering and design you want! We will send you a proof prior to manufacture and ship them directly to your home.

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A bench monument can be designed to represent your loved one and provides a beautiful memorial tribute in your home's backyard or maybe at the cabin or hunting shack. An elegant granite bench provides the perfect remembrance that celebrates the life of your loved one and at the same time creates a favorite place for quiet reflection and relaxation. The wide variety of bench styles available make this the perfect memorial that can be crafted to compliment virtually any setting or location.

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The Process


Memorials can be made and placed in locations that best represent your loved one. In this video three generations of father's and son's are shown playing baseball on a special baseball field. After the passing of the eldest father figure they have placed a memorial bench on the field where so many memories were shared. If you have a special person that is meant to be remembered in a special way we can help you create it.

The Process

Remembering At Home

Home is where the heart is. The bonds, relationships and memories that are made at a home last forever. Having a memorial placed at home is a meaningful remembrance of the one(s) that have passed. This creates a legacy and a new addition to your home so that you may build new memories with them.

Back To Nature

When it comes to remembering the people you love in the places you love, granite memorials can provide beautiful ornate reminders that bring peace and divine meaning to their lives and yours. From carved stepping stones to engraved bird baths or maybe a tree swing in the backyard. Granite can provide treasured memories, celebrated moments and personalized life passions forever.

The Process


Remember the people that you love in the places you love. In this video the passing of a mother is remembered in a garden that together they cultivated with various flowers. Because of the significance of the garden the successor's honor and remember their mother and grandmother with a bird bath and stepping stones. Remembering the people that you love with unique memorials brings peace and divine meaning to their lives and yours.

The Process

The Tree Swing

A unique way to remember your loved one is by a tree swing. With customized text and phrases you can create a memorable and functional memorial for your loved ones to view and use.