Verses and Epitaphs

Expressions of Memories

  • A Beautiful Memory Lingers Your Memory Is A Light To Guide Us
  • Fond Memories Linger Every Day, Remembrance Keeps You Near
  • In Our Hearts We Keep Sweet Memories Your Beloved Memory Enriches Our Lives
  • What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever
  • Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours
  • ‘Til Memory Fades & Life Departs, You Will Live Forever In Our Hearts
  • Time Cannot Steal The Treasures That We Carry In Our Hearts
  • We Have Loved You In Life.. Let Us Not Forget You In Death
  • This Was No Ordinary Life. This Was A Life Well-Lived And Well-Loved, A Life That Will Be Deeply Missed
  • A Life Well-Lived Leaves Behind A Beautiful Bouquet of Memories

Religious Reflections

  • In God’s Will Is Our Peace
  • Forever With The Lord
  • Generous Of Heart, Constant In Faith
  • Lord, Thank You For A Beautiful Life
  • Our Hope Is In God
  • May His Soul Rest In Peace
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want
  • Thy Will Be Done Our Trust Is In God
  • Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
  • The Spirit Lives In The Shelter Of God’s Love And Mercy
  • Show Us, Oh Lord, Thy Mercy And Grant Us Thy Salvation
  • And I Give Unto Them Eternal Rest Christ Is My Hope

Reflections of Love

  • Loves Last Gift, Remembrance
  • Remembered With Love
  • Their Love Will Last An Eternity
  • Words Of Kindness, Deeds Of Love
  • Your Love Will Never Be Forgotten
  • Their Love And Tenderness Touched Our Hearts
  • In Loving Memory Of
  • Love Forever
  • Fondly Loved And Deeply Mourned
  • Ever Remembered, Ever Loved
  • Always In Our Hearts
  • Love Forever True
  • We Will Love You Always
  • Laughed Often, Loved Much
  • Abiding Love Never Dies
  • Each Soul Leaves A Legacy Of Love


  • Kind, Loving And Faithful
  • A Friend To Many
  • Always Kind And Willing
  • A Friend To Many And Sadly Missed
  • Kindness Is Always Remembered
  • Generous Of Spirit And A Friend To Many
  • A Good And Kind Heart Is The Best Of All Qualities
  • Modest And Gentle Of Heart
  • A Tender Heart And Generous Spirit
  • Of Generous Heart...And Of Beautiful Spirit
  • Gentle Of Heart... Faithful And Just
  • Your Beautiful Spirit Lifted Up Our Hearts

Happiness & Joy

  • The Happiness Of Others Was His Joy
  • Happiness Is The Meaning And The Purpose Of Life, The Whole Aim and End Of Human Existence

The Journey's End

  • Life’s Race Well Run
    Life’s Work Well Done
    Life’s Victory Won
  • The Task Accomplished
    The Long Day Done
  • Beyond The Sunset
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Rest In Peace
  • Forever At Peace
  • Beloved One, Farewell
  • Until We Meet Again

Children & Infant

  • And A Little Child Shall Lead Them
  • Our Baby Is In Heaven
  • So Small, So Sweet, So Soon
  • Children Are The Keys Of Paradise
  • So Little, Yet So Loved
  • Jesus Called A Little Child Unto Him
  • He Shall Gather The Lambs Within His Arms
  • Even The Tiniest Child Leaves Behind Love That Lasts Forever

Courage, Strength & Purpose

  • Many Things Will Catch Your Eye, But Only A Few Will Catch Your Heart... Pursue Those.
  • Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination
  • Successful Is The Person Who Has Lived Well, Laughed Often, And Loved Much, Who Has Never Lacked Appreciation For The Earth’s Beauty, Who Never Fails To Look For The Best In Others Or Give The Best Of Themselves.
  • Keep Your Face To The Sunshine, And You Will Not See The Shadows
    Helen Keller
  • Heroes Are Ordinary People Who Place Their Dreams Above Their Fears
  • The Creation Of A Thousand Forests Is In One Acorn
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Your Attitude Almost Always Determines Your Altitude In Life
    Zig Ziglar
  • The Only Thing That Stands Between A Person And What They Want In Life Is The Will To Try It And The Faith To Believe It Possible
    Rich Devos

Generosity & Unselfishness

  • It Is In Giving That We Receive
  • We Make A Living By What We Get,
    We Make A Life By What We Give
    Winston Churchill
  • Be Generous With Kindly Words, Especially About Those Who Are Absent
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Every Man Must Decide Whether He Will Walk In The Light Of Creative Altruism Or In The Darkness Of Destructive Selfishness
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Be An Opener Of Doors For Such As Come After Thee
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Do All The Good You Can,
    By All The Means You Can,
    In All The Ways You Can,
    In All The Places You Can,
    At All The Times You Can,
    To All The People You Can,
    As Long As Ever You Can
    John Wesley
  • Let No One Ever Come To You Without Leaving Better And Happier. Be The Living Expression of God’s Kindness: Kindness In Your Face, Kindness In Your Eyes, Kindness In Your Smile
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • The Value Of A Man Resides In What He Gives And Not In What He Is Capable Of Receiving Albert Einstein
  • We Ourselves Feel That What We Are Doing Is Just A Drop In The Ocean. But The Ocean Would Be Less Because Of That Missing Drop
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta


  • He Is Happiest Who Hath Power To Gather Wisdom From A Flower
    Mary Howitt
  • A Loving Heart Is The Truest Wisdom
    Charles Dickens
  • From The Enlightenment Of Music Comes The Wisdom Of... Silence
  • The Doorstep To The Temple Of Wisdom Is A Knowledge Of Our Own Ignorance
    Benjamin Franklin
  • God, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can, And The Wisdom To Know The Difference
    Reinhold Niebuhr
  • To Know When To Be Generous And When To Be Firm... This Is Wisdom
    Elbert Hubbard

Passionate & Enthusiastic

  • We Must Not Allow The Clock And The Calender To Blind Us To The Fact That Each Moment Is A Miracle And A Mystery
    H.G. Wells
  • To Get What You’ve Never Had, You Must Do What You’ve Never Done
  • To Strive, To Seek, To Find, And Not To Yield
    Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Above All, Be True To Yourself, And If You Cannot Put Your Heart In It, Take Yourself Out Of It

Honesty & Integrity

  • Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Honesty Is The Best Policy. If I Lose Mine Honor, I Lose Myself
    William Shakespeare
  • The Greatest Way To Live With Honor In This World Is To Be What We Pretend To Be

In A Better Place

  • In Another Home, In A Happier Place, In A Beautiful Forever...We’ll Meet Again
  • When At Last I Say Good-Bye, Don’t Let Your Tears Keep Falling, For When My Time Has Come, I’ll Hear My Savior Sweetly Calling. And As He Takes My Hand, All Pain And Cares Will Disappear, And He Will Gently Whisper, Welcome Home. I’m Glad You’re Here
  • From The Tree Of Life Each Leaf Must Fall.. The Green, The Gold, The Great, The Small... Each One In God’s Own Time He’ll Call.. With Perfect Love He Gathers All
  • It Is Morning On The Other Side... And All Is Light And Joy
  • Perhaps They Are Not Stars, But Rather Openings In Heaven, Where The Love Of Our Lost Ones Pours Through And Shines Down Upon Us To Let Us Know They Are Happy

Love Last Forever

  • He Will Always Be With Us... In Our Hearts, In Our Memories, In Our Lives
  • Nothing That Is Loved Is Ever Lost... No One Who Has Touched A Life, Who Has Brought Beauty To The World, Is Every Truly Gone
  • Time Takes The Simple And Small Memories Of Those We Love And Silently Turns Them To Gold
  • Memories, Laughter, Love... The Treasures We Keep Forever
  • The World Is Diminished Because He Is Gone... But It Is Still A Better Place Because He Was Here
  • The Happiness Of Others Was His Joy
  • Happiness Is The Meaning And The Purpose Of Life, The Whole Aim and End Of Human Existence


  • The Glory Of Friendship Is Not The Outstretched Hand, Nor The Kindly Smile, Nor The Joy Of Companionship; It’s The Spiritual Inspiration That Comes To One When He Discovers That Someone Else Believes In Him And Is Willing To Trust Him With His Friend
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • True Friendship Is Seen Through The Heart, Not Through The Eyes
  • There Is An Important Difference Between Love And Friendship. While The Former Delights In Extremes And Opposites, The Latter Demands Equality
  • The Most I Can Do For My Friend Is Simply To Be His Friend. I Have No Wealth To Bestow On Him. If He Knows That I Am Happy In Loving Him, He Will Want No Other Reward. Is Not Friendship Divine In This?
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Friendship That Flows From The Heart Cannot Be Frozen By Adversity, As The Water That Flows From The Spring Cannot Congeal In Winter
    James Fenimore Cooper
  • Friendships Are What Our Dreams Are Made Of. We Hold Onto Each Other With Its Binding Love. We Stand Close To Each Other, Hand In Hand, Showing Each Other We Understand. Some Friends May Come And Go, But You Are The Truest Friend I Know.
  • Life’s Truest Happiness Is Found In Friendships We Make Along The Way
  • Friendship Is Composed Of A Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies
  • There Are Not Many Things In Life So Beautiful As True Friendship, And Not Many Things More Uncommon


  • Rejoice With Your Family In The Beautiful Land Of Life!
  • When You Look At Your Life, The Greatest Happinesses Are Family Happinesses
  • The Happiest Moments Of My Life Have Been The Few Which I Have Passed At Home In The Bosom Of My Family
  • In Time Of Test, Family Is Best
  • What Greater Thing Is There For Human Souls Than To Feel That They Are Joined For Life - To Be With Each Other In Silent Unspeakable Memories
  • Families Are The Compass That Guide Us. They Are The Inspiration To Reach Great Heights, And Our Comfort When We Occasionally Falter
  • A Happy Family Is But An Earlier Heaven
  • The Love Of A Family Is Life’s Greatest Blessing
  • Other Things May Change Us, But We Start And End With Family
  • Children Have Never Been Very Good At Listening To Their Elders, But They’ve Never Failed To Imitate Them
    James Baldwin

Laughter & Humor

  • Humor Is Mankind’s Greatest Blessing
  • Good Humor Is One Of The Preservatives Of Our Peace And Tranquility
  • A Sense Of Humor...Is Needed Armor. Joy In One’s Heart And Some Laughter On One’s Lips Is A Sign That The Person Down Deep Has A Pretty Good Grasp Of life
  • The Most Wasted Of All Days Is One Without Laughter
  • I’ve Always Thought That A Big Laugh Is A Really Loud Noise From The Soul Saying, “Ain’t That The Truth”
  • A Man Isn’t Poor If He Can Still Laugh
  • It Was Not A Laugh, But Merely A Loud Smile
  • People Often Tell Me That Motivation Doesn’t Last, And I Tell Them That Bathing Doesn’t Either. That’s Why I Recommend It Daily
    Zig Ziglar


  • True Merit, Like A River, The Deeper It Is, The Less Noise it makes
  • Lord, Where We Are Wrong, Make Us Willing To Change; Where We Are Right, Make Us Easy To Live With
  • Humility Is Not Thinking Less Of Yourself But Thinking Of Yourself less


  • What Lies Behind Us And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Within Us
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Great Minds Have Purposes, Others Have Wishes
    Washington Irving
  • Knowing Thyself Is The Height Of Wisdom
  • All That We Love Deeply Becomes A Part Of Us
    Helen Keller
  • The World Is But A Canvas To The Imagination
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Your Greatness Is Measured By Your Horizons