Frequently Asked Questions


Can I see a proof of what I’m getting?

At Little Falls Granite you can have a free layout of your loved ones memorial made at no cost to you. Our professional draftsmen will design you a digital version of your memorial for your review and thoughtful consideration. The granite memorial creative layout process can be a very positive experience for the entire family and it offers a way to visualize how the memorial will appear without having to invest or waste valuable time and money. Before any work will begin on your memorial, you will receive a drawn-to-scale layout of the monument. Your complete approval and signed signature are required before any work will begin on ordering or carving your stone.

How long does it take if I order today?

The most common time element in the process of getting your granite memorial carved resides in the creative process up front. We begin by gathering your information as to the words, graphics, color and design elements of the monument. Your ideas are then submitted to one of our design artists who creates a drawn-to-scale layout of your proposed memorial. Many times you recommend changes to the design and your changes are then made in the design of a new layout. Depending on how many family members are involved in this creative process, a approval of a final design can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months. The more accurate the original design information is, the faster an approved monument layout can be created. Once we have an approved layout, the next time concern rests in the type of the granite you have selected and whether it is available: in stock, domestically or over-seas. Based on granite availability, a finished monument can take as little as 3-4 weeks (lightning express service) and can take up to a year if you have chosen something that has to be imported from over-seas. If time is a major concern in your purchase, be sure to share this fact early in the design process so that our creative, manufacturing and installation team can plan ahead to meet your preferred timelines.

Is one granite color better than another?

You have a rainbow of colors to choose from representing granites that come from all over the world, blues, reds, whites and blacks. The decision of color is many times related to your choice of lettering, carving and monument design. Photos, detailed graphics and large amounts of text usually dictate the use of a very dark granite to provide the best amount of contrast and detail in the stone. For the most part, your selection of color will be based on what you're most comfortable with, what excites you and what holds your interest.

What can I put on the stone?

Your only limitation to expressing your loved one's story in the permanency of granite is your imagination. Choose from photographic imagery, graphic design, photos and words that tell your legacy story. Sometimes certain colors of granite will be recommended by our creative staff based on the specific combination of photos, text and graphics that you choose in your memorial's final design.

How much will a memorial cost?

Pricing of a memorial really breaks down into 3 influencing factors. These include: color, size and shape/finish.
#1 Color Your choice of granite color plays the biggest role in the final price of your granite memorial. You can choose from every color of the rainbow for your monument but in the end the cost of that specific color will be based on where in the world it is quarried. Many colors are unique to different parts of the world. The more remote and distant your granite color is, the more it will cost to quarry and ship it.
#2 Size Although the size of your memorial will certainly influence the final price, most people would be surprised to realize that double the size doesn't necessarily mean double the cost. In most situations if you double the size of your monument, it will increase in cost about 60%. A more important issue with size is more often tied to the location where your moment will be installed. Cemeteries often have restrictions as to the size and shape of headstones, gravestones, and above ground monuments that are allowed.
#3 Shape/Finish The final cost involved with the creation of your memorial will be the amount of workmanship and carving that will be needed to shape and finish the monument. The more complex the shape is and the more polished the finish, the more labor cost needed to complete your memorial design.
Before any work will begin on your memorial, you will receive a drawn-to-scale layout of the monument. Your complete approval and signed signature are required before any work will begin on ordering or carving your stone.