The shape of your monument can range from simple traditional to very artistic and uniquely sculptured. The addition of statuary elements to your loved one’s memorial can provide a distinctive character to their legacy story. Statuary is most commonly imported and is available from Italy, India and China.



Understanding your shape and style options.

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The size of your memorial is usually dictated by the location it will be displayed. Cemeteries often have guidelines and rules that limit the size of your monument.



Rock Pitched Finish

  • Done by Hydraulic Splitter and By Hand
  • Typically Least Expensive Finish
  • Not Engraveable

Sawed / Smooth / Honed Finishes

  • Done by Sawing Granite
  • Smooth Finish is Lightly Rubbed
  • Honed is Rubbed Heavily to a Matt Finish
  • Often Used On None Exposed Surfaces
  • Can Be Engraved
  • Natural Granite Color is Hidden

Thermal Finish

  • Done by Automation or By Hand Flaming
  • Great For Non Slip Surfaces
  • Hard to Engrave
  • Rarely Used In Memorial Work

Polished Finish

  • Done by Automation or By Hand
  • Cost Varies be Degree of Automation
  • Most Common Finish For Engraving