If your memorial will be located in a cemetery, it is important to be aware of the specific guidelines and rules of that cemetery. Each cemetery has regulations similar to that of a township or city in the construction of a home. A cemetery will most often have specific guidelines as to what is allowed in the form of grave markers. Size is a common cemetery restriction. Some cemeteries allow above ground monuments and others mandate flat lawn-level memorials. It's very important to know ahead of time what these restrictions might be so that you can work with your MGC memorialist to create a memorial that will conform to the guidelines of your specific cemetery.

Home and Garden

Granite memorials designed as a permanent home for your loved one’s cremation urn are created with special chambers built into the granite to store and protect the remains. In addition to cemetery memorials, MGC has a wide number of monument designs that are also very popular in the home backyard or garden setting. In recent years, MGC introduced the Reflection Stone as a personal and creative way to express love and affection using the beauty and permanence of granite stone.