Upright Companions

A memorial grave marker that is designed to rest upright, above the surface of the ground, is referred to an upright. An upright monument designed to represent two or more persons is referred to as a companion upright. Upright memorials offer the greatest selection of size, shape and artistic character. The monuments displayed here are just a small representation of the total custom design options available in creating your memorial.

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Companion Slants

A monument designed to reach a maximum height less than two feet carved with a 45 degree angle front is called a slant memorial. A slant marker representing two persons is referred to as a companion slant. Companion slant memorials are available in a myriad of granite colors and offer many creative options for telling your loved one's story.

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Companion Lawn Level

In the case where two people are represented on a memorial that is designed to be flat and flush with the ground it is referred to as a companion lawn level monument. Because of the limited size and the constant direct exposure to the elements of nature, some of the design tools and creative options are limited in the creation of this type of memorial.

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Companion Benches

A companion bench represents two or more loved ones and provides a beautiful memorial tribute in the cemetery, public areas and even the home backyard. An elegant granite bench provides the perfect remembrance that celebrates the life of your loved ones and at the same time creates a favorite place for quiet reflection. The wide variety of bench styles available make this the perfect memorial for virtually any setting or location.

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Companion Cremation

What is available for cremation memorials?

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